Yong Sheng Gift Shop (Muar) 🎬 2019-11-08

Motorized Blinds (Outdoor) 🎬 2019-11-08

Motorized Blinds (Indoor) 🎬 2019-11-08

Project : Dewan Sultan Ibrahim UTHM, 2011 🎬 2020-03-27

Throw back 2011, Dewan UTHM. We are glad to take part in constructing this magnificent building. We supply & install ACP (Aluminium composite panel) Cladding wall comply with mild steel structure.

Metal Roofing System 🎬 2020-03-28

We supply and install 0.47TCT metal roofing comply with double sided aluminium foil, fibre wool, metal capping and all other necessary accessories.

Polycarbonate Skylight System (PSS) + Aluminium Louvres (C series) 🎬 2020-03-27

Situation : 1)Client needs light for the area, but not too strong. 2)The area is covered from rain splash from neighbor's house. So, We designed a soft light ambiance area which using polycarbonate to allow sunlight and use louvres system to control the amount of lights.

Project - Lucky Palace Melaka : Roofing structure + Clip-lok metal roofing 🎬 2020-03-28

We are appointed to install mild steel structure & GI purlins, Clip-lok roofing sheets, flashing, stainless steel gutter system and all other necessary accessories.

Project :Yong Sheng Banquet Hall, Muar 🎬 2020-04-03

We are invited to take part in the progress of Makeover. We supply and install ACP cladding, ACP awning, and Aluminium Box louvres follow architect's design.